I have written, recorded and played music and instruments of many different flavours.
Drums, guitar, keyboards, vocals. Punk, math, death, rock, acoustic, soundscapes and soundtracks.
Jack of all trades and master of none.

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TALL JENNY:  1998 – present
Featuring: Gerant Kenneth, Nathan Field, Dean Joy and Matthew Pointon.
Plus many others where noted.

SCHLAUNCHER:  2000 – 2007
Featuring: Gerant Kenneth, Tim Clack, Nathan Field, Matthew Pointon,
Paul MacIntyre, Cal Blackman, Michael Harris, Matt Clack, Grant Campbell and Danny Harrison.

ELEPHANT:  2009 – 2013
Featuring: Adam Cowling, Gerant Kenneth and Troy Barrow.

BAT YOGHURT:  2010 – 2011
Featuring: Andrew Browning, Gerant Kenneth and Adam Waugh.

Featuring: Alan Whitehead, Dan Wilson and Gerant Kenneth.

THE GLEET BROTHERS:  2003 – 2004
Featuring: Gerant Kenneth and Tim Clack.

SWANSON?:  1997 – 1998
Featuring: Michael Harris, Dean Murray, Justin Wald,
Trent Chadban and Gerant Kenneth.

THE G-SPOTS:  1995 – 2000
Featuring: Gerant Kenneth, Tim Clack, Matthew Pointon,
Ben Street and Michael Harris.