Kat Spazzy / The Spazzys

Kenneth Beaumont
chats with Kat Spazzy
The Spazzys are more than prepared to rock into the New Year with the anticipated release of their still untitled second album and main stage billing at the Big Day Out. Kat Spazzy fills us in with all that’s new in the retarded world of Spazzy rock.

“America was a bit weird actually because bands there are really shit, especially in LA.”

When you consider that The Spazzys are more than cosy within the confines of a dark, dank and smoky pub, it’s easy to imagine that their shift to the main stage at the BDO would be more than enough proof that the powers that be believe these three spastic punk rockers from Melbourne have enough raw power and energy to inspire even the largest of audiences.

“We are a dank pub band, that’s what we’re totally used to. Turning around and having my head thirty centimetres away from the bloody cymbals, next to the drum kit.” Kat admits, “I don’t know how suited we are to a big stage like that, I mean we’re a three piece band and I just feel pretty lonely so far away from Lucy and Alice.”

If you’re lucky enough to have yourself a ticket to the BDO and you’re planning on catching The Spazzys live experience, be prepared to be bombarded with a hell of a lot of spanking new short punk rock diddies with the onset of their second release. The girls have just returned from a six week stint in LA where they recorded their latest musical assault with producer Charles Fisher (Radio Birdman, Hoodoo Gurus) and as for what Kat thinks of the new material, “It rules, totally. That’s one thing that a lot of Australian bands don’t say about themselves or their own records, but they didn’t get to make this record.”

Without the slightest hint of modesty Kat continues and offers how the band came about recording in LA with the experienced Charles Fisher, “We were out looking for a producer, we had a bunch of songs and we still weren’t sure who we wanted to work with. We thought that we may as well ask him and he said he would do it. It turns out that he was already a fan of the band which was very flattering.”

In retrospect, “It was just kinda weird being in LA, stuck there for six weeks and I just totally wish we had done it at home. It was hard being away for so long, especially when you’re working hard and stressing out.”

No more stressing required as the girls are back on home turf and ready to rock the nation for another blistering summer.